How Much Does An Appraisal Cost?

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Typical Home Appraisal Cost

Actual fees might be higher or lower depending on the specifics of your property. Prices vary from state to state and even city to city. Please call 866-533-7173 or fill out form to your right for a free Quote on the exact fee and turn time. Please see this LIST OF MEDIAN HOME APPRAISAL PRICES by state and county in the United States.

Full House Appraisal on Single Family Home or Condo$375
Full Appraisal on Duplex, Triplex or Fourplex$575
Desktop Appraisal on Single Family Home or Condo$275
Replacement Cost Appraisal on Single Family Home$325

How Much Does A Commercial Appraisal Cost?

The price of a commercial appraisal can vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the appraiser. Therefor we put your assignment out for bid with several of our commercial appraisers in the area of your property. We then present you with the best bid based on appraiser qualifications, price and turn time. “We Put Out For bid, You Save!”

Ordering Is EASY As 1-2-3

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The Average Cost of a Home Appraisal is Mostly Determined by:

  • Type of Property: If it is a single family home or condominium, the price will be typically less than a multi-family or commercial property.
  • It’s Location: Different parts of the country have different rates. A property located in a highly populated area with many similar homes or condominiums, will typically cost less than a similar type property that is located in a rural area where comparable sales might be difficult to find and spread out over several miles.
  • Gross Building Area: A property with a large building area will typically cost more than a property with a small building area.
  • Lot Size: A home with a larger lot size than most other properties in the area will typically cost more than a property that has a typical lot size for the area.

Most Common Prices for Other Appraisal Services:

Operating Income Statement$100
Rent Survey$150
Final Inspection$100
REO Addendum$100
Transfer to new lender$100
Re-Certification of Value$125
Replacement Cost Appraisal (Insurance)$300
Limited House Appraisal Exterior Only$300
Full Condominium Appraisal$375
FHA Appraisal$375
Relocation Appraisal$475
Single Family Home or Condo over 3,000 Sq FtCall


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